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Made to empower Window Tint Shops, Vehicle Wrap Shops, and other Auto related businesses. 


In 2019, version 1.2 of our window tint simulator was developed and began being used by clients who owned tint shops. Our first client was AccuTint in Rancho Cucamonga, California.

The tint simulator was an instant success. We took time to observe how customers of clients used the tint simulator and found that our simulator made an enormous difference in the decision making process. 

People felt the simulator helped them to understand how much they could see inside with the different films.  

With the digital vision and expectations set by PixelComb, the domain name and others, were purchased in order to create a website dedicated to the simulator technology.  


Our team of software developers have already began working on new versions of our simulator that we believe will change the auto window tint industry. 

While we cannot speak too much about what will be released, we can say there will be several versions that will far exceed what perhaps most can imagine. 

In addition, our new tint simulator will expand into different areas of services that many shops offer.

We encourage tint shops to use our software and become clients. It is through their use that we will further understand their needs develop technologies of the future. 

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