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$39 per month


You deserve the best glass renovation web design. A website that is professional and supports your worth.

Built on WordPress

WordPress is the worlds most used website software platform because of its professionalism and capabilities.

How many businesses trust it? 455 Million world-wide!

The performance and abilities of your glass renovation website design will surpass all the cheap DIY (do-it-yourself) platforms, as well as WordPress sites made by others.  

Optimized for all devices

Your glass renovation website design is developed to automatically adapt to smartphone screens, tablet screens, and desktop screens. 

The text font sizes and content such as pictures will automatically resize so they can be readable and understood in any size screen. 

In addition, functionalities like menu’s will also reorganize to ensure website users have the best experience.

Maintenance is covered

With the great power of WordPress comes great responsibility. Every software and application version in your glass renovation website is always upgraded and maintained to run smooth and also improve performance. 

Monthly maintenance is free and included with your subscription to our web design service. Maintenance is performed by our professionals. 

Developed better than the rest

At PixelComb, we don’t design and develop cheap websites. We create masterpieces that outperform the rest. 

Every website is developed with our proven methods to ensure optimal performance scores. 

In a world with millions of sites, your glass renovation business website will be among the best made. This means faster, secure, and better for marketing.

Convert more visitors into customers

There is a term that cheap website makers don’t want you to know about and that is “conversion rates”.

This is a measurement for how many visitors your website can turn into people that call, message, or buy through your glass renovation website. 

PixelComb’s signature methods for design and development, create higher conversion rates than any other website. 

SEO Search Engine Optimization

What’s the use of getting a website if it is not optimized for search engines like Google? 

Your glass renovation website will receive essential SEO on every page that we make so that consumers looking for your services will find it on search engines. 

With PixelComb as your digital marketing agency, you can rest assure your website will be a powerful marketing tool.


Yes, we do!

  • We can make your website connect to your Instagram. Every time you post on Instagram, the picture or video will also be shown on your website!
  • Keep up with your reviews on Yelp? We can make your website automatically show your latest reviews on Yelp. This way your visitors don't have to leave to Yelp's website. This helps you convert more website visitors into customers!
  • Wan't to be able to chat with your website visitors? We can add a live-chat tool so you can talk to them from your smartphone, tablet, or desktop!

We're software and digital marketing nerds from California, baby!

Made in the USA, and made to lead our industry world-wide.

  1. Click the green "Start Now" button and you'll be redirected to our PixelComb page where you can pay.
  2. After paying, we will ask for information about your business such as logo, name, phone, services, and more. 
  3. We will do our customization, show it to you, ask you to pick your domain name (website address), and then publish your website on the internet!

That's okay! We can use it to gather your business information and website project even faster! 

Compare our costs to others. Both our price and our level of professionalism cannot be beat. We rule. They drool. 

If you want to add content like videos or blogs, we will provide you with access so you can do so.


If you don't feel technically savvy enough or you don't have time, just pay us a small fee to do it for you.

Cool! We got Geo-location technology that we can add so that each location has a page that is automatically shown to people in the nearby area.  

Just select to add this feature in our checkout page. 

Just $39 per month!