How many tint shops are there in the United States?

Did you know there are over over 400,000 window tint shops in the United States? In California alone, there are over 20,000 tint shops. In cities likes Los Angeles, California, there are over 250 tint shops.

The amount of tint shops that exist per city is massive. The good thing is the tint industry is remaining strong and in fact growing due to the amount of vehicles being sold and driven.

The amount of cars per household has also increased since our bounce back from the 2008 recessions.

With these findings, tint shops in the United States really don’t have much to worry about, if they keep up with digital marketing essentials.

We will cover a few things you can do to ensure your window tint shop thrives.

List your tint business online. It’s Free.

As digital marketing strategists and software developers, we can’t even begin to tell you how many tint businesses don’t even market themselves online. Many tint shops solely rely on referrals and returning clients. In our study, we found thousands of businesses who are not even registered on Google, but believe they will get calls from Yellow Pages.

We strongly encourage tint shops to list themselves on Google, Bing, and Yahoo. These three are just the start but perhaps the most important. What’s great about these three search engines is that they are completely free to list your business.

You don’t have to pay companies like Yext. Those companies charge a huge fee every month for your business listings and we feel this is straight out unethical. It’s free to list your business on so many websites and platforms. But if you wan’t someone to do properly for you, you can pay PixelComb to do it for a one time charge!

Get our window tint simulator. It will bring you business.

Another way to stand out from the heavy competition is by making your shop the easiest choice.

Many shops don’t even have websites, and those who do, all have the same basic websites with nothing new.

Wan’t to get more customers for window tint? Subscribe to our $39 per month package that gives you a website with our window tint simulator!

With a window tint simulator, you will make prospects feel like your shop is the only who cares about their concerns over the darkness of their shade as well as how it will look.

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